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It’s hard to feel good about yourself and the way you look when your teeth are damaged or unhealthy. 

At the office of Debra V. Irvin, DDS, our goal is to provide you with outstanding dental care that allows you to enjoy the healthiest smile possible.

Our high-quality crowns and bridges are designed to restore your oral health and enable you to smile and eat comfortably again. We take the time to get to know you so we can help find the solution that's tailored to fit your needs. 

Versatile Dental Crowns

A dental crown is commonly used to restore a tooth that's damaged by decay, disease, or dental injury. Crowns are also referred to as “caps” because they surround your tooth to strengthen and protect it from further damage.

If you have any of the following concerns, we might recommend a dental crown: 

  • A tooth with insufficient enamel to hold the filling
  • Teeth with cracks or other damage
  • Poorly shaped or misaligned teeth
  • Severely stained or discolored teeth
  • A dental implant that needs restoration

We also frequently use a dental crown after we perform a root canal. The crown protects and strengthens the tooth so you can eat and chew normally again.

There are several materials we can choose from when creating your new crown. Zirconia is a popular material for crowns because it looks natural and can stand up to a lot of wear. Or, depending on the tooth we’re treating, we may recommend a crown made of either porcelain-fused-to-metal or gold. Dr. Irvin has the skill and experience necessary to help you decide which material is right for your situation.

Dental Bridges Replace Missing Teeth

Nothing ruins a smile faster than a missing tooth. It’s important to replace missing teeth, and one of the options we offer is dental bridges.

We design bridges as a single unit that usually consists of one artificial tooth suspended by two crowns and attached to adjacent teeth. Dr. Irvin starts the process by taking impressions, which we use to make an accurate model of your teeth. The model is then sent to a high-quality dental lab, where skilled technicians create your bridge.

Please Call for an Appointment

Dr. Irvin has been creating exceptional dental restorations like crowns and bridges for decades. Developing long-term trusting relationships with our patients is our priority. When you feel comfortable, sharing your concerns with us it becomes easy and helps us provide you with treatments and services that fit your needs. 

If you have teeth that need work, please call our Philadelphia dental office for an appointment. You don’t have to worry that we will judge or lecture you about the current condition of your oral health. The important thing is that you’re taking steps now so you can enjoy a healthy smile!

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